An old photograph of a Kiowa Mother and Child.

Kiowa Mother and Child. America - American History - Women's Rights - Child Labor - The Great Depression - Civil Rights - Native Americans - Slavery - American Indians.

Ojibwe children, no names, date or location

Ojibwe children, no names, date or location (looks like the same boy than the previous picture with location 'Wild Rice Camp')

Sacagawea & Jean Baptiste

This photo of a Kiowa mother and baby has been mislabled as "Sacagawea & Jean Baptiste." There are no extant photos of Sacagawea.

Katie Roubideaux I Rosebud I Sioux (1890-1991) I Age 8 I Katie Blue Thunder was…

North America: Katie Roubideaux, Rosebud Sioux, Age Katie Blue Thunder was the daughter of the Louis Roubideaux, the official US interpreter of the Rosebud Reservation in the late and at one time captain of the Indian Police, USA

Kaytennae (Warm Springs) with his wife, Gouyen (Mescalero), and their children - Apache - no date

Kaytennae - Chííhénee’ (Warm Springs Apache) Nation with his wife, Gouyen - Shis-Inday (Mescalero Apache) Nation, and their children.

Chippewa Brave

Bemos A. Geshig of the Ojibwa tribe in partial native dress holding a war club - Δ Charles Milton Bell, ca.