Ilustraciones Zarpadas. El compilado q recomienda su Doctor

Naihi - One of two twins. She is the typical assassin and main Seeker used by Jasfin

ArtStation - 1626, 郭 佳谊

Demitra was the wife of Akielas. A dark mage with the blood of the Amaranth tribe running through her veins. She was one of his biggest inspirations.

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This is my latest personal work. It was inspired by Kim Jung-Gz& s sketch work. I like his ideas very much so I made it into Modeling was done by Zbrush and Maya. Textured in Mari, Photoshop and Ddo. Rendered in Around.


RPG character inspiration - female fighter in leather armour with a natural / tree theme

Picture taken

Princess Lauralye by Selenada on deviantART. Such a stunning face with wild hair. She's not just any old princess!