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Jin's reaction though XD

I feel you Jin. Like eating is so great? It's one of life's great joys?

My spirit animal lol

Read Hoseok from the story bts memes [ book 1 ] by cookybae (Kookbae) with reads.

Boi move BTS is here

but look at jimin not even dressed up compared to that dude lmao sorry random dude but let the living meme through. of course Jimin 💖

Bruh Jimin is a special child ugh so adorable

there's plenty of time till 2020 😢😢😢

So cute he is still a baby even though he is actually older than me

My nostrils flare and I look really ugly, but I try to cover both my mouth and my nose



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Happy Stars Shine The Brightest -{ Maybeanothername }🖤×🖤

BTS| What chu meannn?

Momjin says no

Omg I saw this! I was so done after that

Which videoss is dis?

#ThanksgivingWithBTS #BTS

[Christmas Vacation] How to FACE The Holidays >>> To view further for this article, visit the image link.

Lol what a man

Men that use hand cream = not a man = jin AND jungkook^.

Why he is so fucking handsome!!!

Freals I just had an interview today and was asked this. I wish I had enough jams to answer like Jin

lol..maknae line

Maknae line huhhhh

jjajaja no entendi muy bien pero ta weno el shiste xdxdd

I just died

me getting through yr 9 ha hA HA ha what a joke but i love this photo