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lovely colorful sofas for your garden or your home.

13 DIY Repurposed Bathtubs

bañera con patas para chaise lounge, muebles pintados, reutilización upcycling, capas completas de pintura Ahora para pasar a la almohadilla y tela Mi parte Tela menos favorito y nunca ver a los ojos

Clawfoot tub to Chaise Lounge

clawfoot tub to chaise lounge, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling, Full coats of paint Now to move on to the cushion and fabric My least fav part Fabric and I never see eye to eye

made of repurposed old baths and water­proof mater­i­als.

Social space in East Europe, furniture made from old refurbished baths, lighting from showers. Project realized in abandoned Soviet Union fountain.

idée - to do it

A chair made out of a small broken bathtub. One of the coolest craft projects I have seen. Fiberglass of course, a bit difficult if it was steel.

Wheelbarrow Chairs - Even though Borkenhagen is a great word simply for sounding like a euphemism for something other than furniture, artist Florian Borkenhagen has mad.

metal-aluminium-chaise-industrielle -meuble-industriel-design

Meuble industriel – une retraite décorative bien méritée

Clawfoot tub to Chaise Lounge - Gypsy Barn

Clawfoot tub to Chaise Lounge

Today we have approached a subject which has its own hint of uniqueness and unconventional: DIY Repurposed Bathtubs Projects.

modern furniture recycling bathtubs, loveseats, chairs, coffee tables

Unique Fruniture Design Ideas to Reuse and Recycle Bathroom Tubs

Ways to reuse and recycle bathroom tubs for modern furniture, - sofas, chairs and coffee tables, are interesting, impressive and Green