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by ¥¥¥¥¥P∆†¥¥¥¥¥, via Flickr. Sketchbook "Tell them I don't exist anymore"

This collection of inspirational sketchbook art is by Pat Perry, he is an artist from Michigan and a member of the Beehive Design Collective.

These are beautiful. And this particular one is great for me to use as a guide to proper shading.

Portraits made with oil paint, that is what Soey Milk (an artist from Pasadena, California) is best known for, but I wanted to look beneath all of that and show

Pat Perry

Ilustrações em moleskine de Pat Perry

Pat Perry is an artist and illustrator born in the Detroit area and now calls Grand Rapids, Michigan home.

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la moleskine de pat perry

Three sketchbook pages and one new illustration by Pat Perry. Previously on BLDGWLF… You may also like.Pat PerryPat PerryIllustrations And Sketchbook Drawings By Pat PerryPat PerryPat Perry

observation drawings of some of my students sketching (the class was almost all female).

Ilustrações em moleskine de Pat Perry

Ilustrações em moleskine de Pat Perry