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This is so me. This sums up my life perfectly

This is so me. This sums up my life perfectly

True story

damn me and my doctor writing abilities

How Scary!!!!!

Teen Post Hearing noises when home alone and just accepting the fact you're gonna die.

Teenager Posts


Honey, adults feel like this too.

Yeah, like the " like" button :/ or "send message" and youre just like "Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappppppppppppppppaaa" when it does click

When you click a button you didn't mean to click so you just kinda hold the click and drag your cursor around hoping it doesn't click. All the time

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Ha ha

only if you were taught english correctly! it's called pausing after punctuation.

Stupid question hhhh

Teenager Post so relatable true story funny relatable quotes teen quotes funny quotes funny graphics lol

I make up a whole perfect scenario where I'm riding off into the sunset with my prince charming in that one minute.

Or they walk up to you later and ask if you understood that math question that morning and you are like, "uhm.I wasn't here for that," and they are just like "really? I didn't even realize that you were gone." ^^So sad but so true

This is not just a black girl problem!!! This is a me problem too.

I have white girl AND black girl problems!