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Steam Powered Giraffe - I'll Rust With You I love this song so much, and Bunny looks so beautiful

The song "I'll Rust With You" from Steam Powered Giraffe's newest album, MK III! MK III is available now in CD form on our website, and digitally through iTu.

The Jon      Steam Powered Giraffe

The Jon

The Jon is an art-deco style robot who performed in the musical group "Steam Powered Giraffe.

▶ Steam Powered Giraffe - I'll Rust With You - YouTube

Abandoned, Not Forgotten: A Look at the Haunting Beauty of Modern Ruins – Open Thought Vortex

Steam-Powered Giraffe  | Steam Powered Giraffe at Steam Symposium

At Steampunk Symposium, Steam Powered Giraffe rolled out some upgrades, including metal fins for spine, and Rabbit’s new femme-bot look.

Steam Powered Giraffe - Steamboat Shenanigans (Live Aboard The Queen Mary)

Steam Powered Giraffe performing their song "Steamboat Shenanigans". Shot with three stationary GoPro cameras during a live.

Steam Powered Giraffe (by ~olafpriol on deviantART)

So I decided that I needed to wreck my hand drawing the best robot band in the world and destroy Mucha at the same time.

Steam Powered Giraffe

Steam Powered Giraffe-- You will not regret checking this band out, I promise

Steam Powered Giraffe - A Way into Your Heart  LOVE this song!!

The song "A Way into Your Heart" from Steam Powered Giraffe's new album, MK III! Album launches December This is a compilation of video from one y.