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Chibi girl with shorts and purpley hair


Prize for was a runner-up of the =omocha-san contest ^^ Long lilac hair *-* beautiful, I love it, the character is so elegant, like a queen ♥ - - - Made in Paint Tool Sai.

Ahahahaah I gave my sketch of Bubble some legs. So I figured I'd post it. Maybe now I'll be more motivated to finish her lol Bubble and art (c) RaineSeryn

Cellshading chibi commission for AngelicHellraiser Woah I like orange, yellow eyes *u* also this kind of design for the dress.

Custom Adopt TN1 by YukikaChan.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Oriental pastel fox custom adopt for Thank you! `v` Custom Adopt

Chibi Com: Blog üzerinde Yumi-chuu tarafından Raspdere

Chibi Com: Raspdere by Yumi-chuu

AT: MoeSeNnsei by Eukia.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

July art trade with MoeSeNnsei. AT: MoeSeNnsei

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Edit: Animated version in my profile and Here - - yay :3 I did just for be fun 9u9 and to put in my profile ~ I didn't liked the hair orz Now I'm trying animate it - the eyes and ears, but <(TT ...

Celshading chibi commission for Ejeect yawnn I loved the character design, is so cute I don't know if the best part is her hair or the roses ; I don't know I loved this char.

chibi extra for from this adopt hhhThank you very much~~!!! /)v(\ <333333 character (c) Vaniraa

painterly chibi commission for oreoocookiez this cutie was designed and adopted from NaoyuSama done in sai / ps commissions are open with unlimited slot.

Commission - Rini by Hyanna-Natsu.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Pastel chibi commission 4 and for Dovahkitt When Dovah requested she pressing a button in the floor, I had a hard time imagining a chibi doing it. Did like 3 sketches before this come like th.