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V Route (Another Story) Email Guest Answers complied by me!!

V Route (Another Story) Email Guest Answers complied by me!

Zen - MC

I love his long hair though T-T. I mean I never imagined him with short hair so that might be cool. Personally, I'd be a bit upset I've spent all those years growing it out and then some jerk cuts if off

hELLO? IS U THERE? || Mystic Messenger ★

unknown, mystic messenger, and saeran choi 이미지 if only we could spam the msgs . That would be hilarious

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(1) Twitter | I want V 's route | MM

True, but Zen isn't my favorite. But if it's route characters only, Seven is my first, thrn Yoosung. <<I just started the game and I'm on day 8 of Yoosungs route, but 707 is my favourite still