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Path to the Gothic Choir - Art work by Raphael Lacoste Gothic ruins for vampire forest

This eerie dystopian scene was inspired by the Halcyon Hall, the main building of the abandoned Bennett College for Girls in New York.

Creepy Dystopian Scene Inspired by Abandoned School in New York

Incredible Concept Art by Jonas De Ro: Jonas is a young digital artist from Belgium. His skills ranges from concept art, matte painting, to photography

I just kinda like these pictures of misty forests and stuff...  #dark #creepy #gothic #black #eerie

odds, ends and in between

Titanfall - City Ruins

The incredible digital artworks and illustrations of Tu Bui, a concept artist and matte painter working for Respawn Entertainment in the U.


Iconic image of a Haunted Castle

[Substrata - A Visit From An Old Friend by Ninjatic on deviantART]

Celtic Music - Journey's End by Adrian von Ziegler. look at the image, listen to the song, read the title, and then tell the story behind them!

Fantasy World, High Fantasy, Fantasy Places, Fantasy Art, Arwen, Aragorn, Tauriel, Gandalf, Kili


A sooty, foggy night in Victorian London. great atmosphere for horror and vampires - Phuoc Quan: Black and White painting I get an eerie sense from this photo, something like what our set will be.

The Kingdom Foodchain.

This could be the fairy tree of life

| s o m e t h i n g • w i c k e d • t h i s • w a y • c o m e s | ᵩ

A forest bird never wants a cage.

BLOODBORNE DRINKS  - Hunter's Dream:  1 part absinthe 1 part marshmallow fluff a sprinkle of grave dirt  Combine ingredients in highball glass. Drink. When only about 1/6 of the drink remains, set it on fire.

You Should Be Playing: Bloodborne -- Bloody blood bloods with bloods on the side.

ArtStation - Cradle of Links VR, Sergey Zabelin

Cavern by Ninjatic

Cavern by Ninjatic

landscape is awesome

Golden Path by Ninjatic on DeviantArt

LANDSCAPE_01032013 by on @deviantART

Part of discovering the world around my growing story. Started out as a speedy, but since I am kind of new to scenes like this it took me a bit longer than usual.

Dark woods

Dark spooky forest with mysterious fog and lake Royalty Free Stock Photo