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What a sweet face and such a sweet breed!

What a beautiful baby!  Looks like my Randi!

What a beautiful baby! Looks like my Randi!

Sable German Shepherd Dog by Sandy Keeton

Sable German Shepherd Dog Greeting Card for Sale by Sandy Keeton

German Shepherd

Love this Shepherd!

V-Monto vom Ewikenbletcher AD, BH, IPO1, IPO2, IPO3, KKL

Fully Trained Protection German Shepherds for sale by world famous Kraftwerk

Beautiful German Shepherd

My Beautiful German Sheperd

A proud, noble, and loyal German Shepherd, the best Dog in the World.

Dog: German Shepherd: My next puppy.

Love the expression in his eyes...

Though I share life with my female Border Collie Joy, I LOVE German Shepherds as they are both working dogs and loyal as all get out.

Here Are 10 Facts German Shepherd Lovers Must Always Remember. a Gorgeous GSD.