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Hahahaha. Who ever photoshopped this was GENIUS

Who ever photoshopped this was GENIUS<<< No, that's not photoshopped it's the actual picture on the box.

And then there you have Zayn....

I feel ya Zayn. It's a maraca!

My mom is convinced they're gonna break up or I won't like them anymore....NOT POSSIBLE.  -H

My mom and dad have said this since the day we bought tickets

[gif] I hold this moment deep within my heart

oh geez zayn XD but it is true

Now you get me, babe

Zayn understands our struggle!


Chest pains -- Zayn finally rode a roller coaster but not without holding the love of his life hand

ice skated with harry, played board games with niall, went to the carnival with liam, and drove with Louis. be jealous

It was Totally awesome no big deal

THE BAND'S BREAKING UP GUYS (Before you get your earphones & emotions  in a bunch: talking about the picture, not in real life)

You Believe In Me

For some odd reason I can see Harry as a Cheetah Girl.

i think every directioner can agree to the fact that we all need these.

All Directioners need this. yes someone invent this. We have Directioner power, we can invent this.

This had me dead

Our fandom shouldnt be allowed to edit.

That was the most idiotic trend this fandom has ever come up with.

Guys I cut myself and this cut for Zerrie thing was not cool.it seemed like a joke to cutters and offensive because its such a small thing to cut over. They are perfect and happy.

HAHAHAHA oi it's getting worse... Stop it guys!!!! This is BAD! Lol... Funny but bad!

and here we have zayn in some sort of fruit/vegetable/possible jelly bean. On lord, this fandom

5 sos one direction lol

I hate that. When someone comes up to you and literally says you can't and won't meet them. If I wasn't a nice person, I would say some nice words to them.

Just wow .......

Yet another reason why directioners should not Photoshop>>> Directioners+photoshop=should be illegal

#57996543223457943 why Directioners shouldn't edit. O.o

reason why Directioners shouldn't edit.o yep shouldnt edit photos.