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Yo soy del segundo JAJAJAJAJAJAJA

Haha, I dislike one direction but this is great. However we and my friend are like this. I'm Harry. I really don't care if people touch me, but she will bite your head off.

Cutest Harry Styles and Niall Horan moment ever? Watch as Harry kisses Niall during an MTV promo video. Can you feel the Narry love?

Harry Styles Kisses Niall Horan in Adorable Video: The Narry Love Is Real

awwwwww but if anybody insults ma husbands.they will never see the light of day again

This was me!

And Diana. And Don't Forget Where You Belong. Or Night Changes. and the rest of the songs.plus I don`t that the first time I do it everytime

Hahahaha  his face is great

"So um I waved at a girl and she kind of just passed out" ~ Harry. I cant stop laughing!

Your math skills are terrible:) it's really kinda pitiful. When I first saw this is flipped out and dyed laughing

Only because they are very special boys! I thought it was very clever and cute and it was funny as hell!:-D>>>>> ya boys, XOXOXO

And Harry's he's like... faaaaaaammmmmmmmm brotharrer

the entire fandom right there.and Harry's face is the face your mom gives you when you try to hit the same note

:) ;) yes!!!:

Liam the single father, Harry the clingy child, Zayn the bad boy, Niall the baby and Louis is that kid.

Omg too freaking cute!

My favorite Harry quote as well as my favorite response when I don't know what else to say.

This is my band!! The one and only ONE DIRECTION!!

is amazing. we are the best fandom ever<<don't you mean the Bestest Fandom ?) >>>>> we are the bestest best fandom ever :)