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DANIELLE IS AMAZING <<<<< Umm exuse me but Danielle has ALWAYS been amazing!! xx

No hate but, Dear Sophia. you have extremely large shoes to fill.

At least I would get tickets. But as long as you like their music you should be able to go; however if the only reason you are going is because you think it will make you look cool... Step aside!

I would actually get a chance of going to their concert if all the fakes were weeded out

Sophia❤️ I love her so much how can you not like this beautiful girl!!!<<< I like her. I respect her bc she is dating Liam and he is happy with her. But she has earned my full respect now, since she asked about the being ok or not, thats just a wonderful thing to do. :)

This girl is actually truly amazing! She is soo pretty and she makes Liam soo happy! If you hate on her you are truly lower than low!

Truly, madly, deeply, completely, insanely, fully, psychotically in love with this.

any math geniuses out there who can explain the unit circle in analytical trig?


danielle and eleanor are my role models, they handle the hate so well

Credit to YouTube and Rhett and Link and everyone else. :) xx limegreengummiebears

I really hope that everyone actually tries this time! Last time only a little part of the fandom was actually trying! I really don't want to disappoint the boys again. And also, RHETT AND LINK.

I wish they could both not care what society thinks

I wish they could both not care what society thinks