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The Cray Mainframe Supercomputer and technician. Codebreaking, lack of emotion, proximity shock defense.

A 1985 vector supercomputer designed by the legendary Seymour Cray, its distinctive cooling fountain gave it the nickname "Bubbles".

Cray-2 supercomputer (1985) with Cray DD49 disk storage unit

supercomputer with Cray disk storage unit

A second Cray-1 with 2 million words of memory is installed at the NMFECC (now NERSC)

A second with 2 million words of memory is installed at the NMFECC (now NERSC)

Areas of Ames Ingenuity: Supercomputing | NASA

Areas of Ames Ingenuity: Supercomputing

NASA Ames Moffett Field super computer NASA images posted on AmericaSpace

super computer

Award allows creation of ‘virtual air’ archive at York Atmospheric chemists at the University of York developing a ‘virtual air’ archive have received a major government funding boost. The award of nearly from the Natural Environment Research C

Thinking Machines CM-2 (1987).

The Female Supercomputer Designer Who Inspired Steve Jobs

Cray-1 Supercomputer

The Insides Of A Cray-1 Supercomputer

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Cray-1, 1976  At the time of its release, the Cray-1, above, was the fastest computing machine at the world. Despite its price tag — between $5 and $10 million — it sold well. It is one of the many machines designed by Seymour Cray, a computer architect who devoted his life to the creation of so-called supercomputers, machines which prioritized processing capacity and speed of calculation.

A Brief History of the Computer - Photo Essays

Ferranti Atlas. British First Supercomputer (1962).

seanbonner: “ atomic-flash: “ Operator at the Atlas Supercomputer Control Panel, 1963 (image via BBC Four) The first Atlas, installed at Manchester University [UK] and officially commissioned in

Seymour Cray, Jr., the father of the supercomputer, is seen in this undated photo standing near one of Cray Research's supercomputers.

Seymour Cray standing next to the core unit of the Cray 1 computer, circa 1974



cray computer image - Bing Images

cray computer image - Bing Images