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The Cray Mainframe Supercomputer and technician. Codebreaking, lack of emotion, proximity shock defense.

A 1985 vector supercomputer designed by the legendary Seymour Cray, its distinctive cooling fountain gave it the nickname "Bubbles".

Boredom will be the last thing on the agenda the next time you travel with the portable arcade console emulator. Encased in a distinguished wooden frame, once opened this retro styled console shines by offering you the chance to play classic arcade games.

Portable Arcade Console Emulator

then we bet you are going to love the R-Kaid-R Portable Arcade Gaming Device by Love Hulten. as with Love Hulten's previous works, the R-Kaid-R is clad in an evergreen retro wooden

altair_8080_front_1.gif (600×322)

altair_8080_front_1.gif (600×322)

Thinking Machines CM-2 (1987).

The Female Supercomputer Designer Who Inspired Steve Jobs

The CRAY-2 Computer System. Cray Research, Inc.

A quick hop through 20 years of trying to make a more powerful computer than the last guy because being a man is about bragging rights.

Hard Disk 10MB (only u$s 3398). 1977

These Vintage Computer Ads Show Just How Far We've Come

It's always funny to read old computer magazines, because nothing gets old faster than the technology news. Here are some very cool vintage computer ads for you

The Blackphone could very well be the smartphone of the future for those who value #privacy.

Convenience vs security - which will win? Is Blackphone truly the future of smartphone technology? Here’s how it stacks up to the competition.


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Computer History Displays - The University of Auckland - Historydisplays - FifthFloor - MagneticDataStorage

Atari Kaboom Video Game Cartridge 400/800/XL/XE Computer 1983 Activision

Atari Kaboom Video Game Cartridge 400/800/XL/XE Computer 1983 Activision