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#Bokuto #Akaashi #hq

Cropped version of my bokuaka print for Tren. I listened to Stingum af - Mugison on repeat while drawing this, felt it was perfect to set the mood for a cozy evening at home.


jesus fucking christ i cant handle this lil shit anymore someone stab me in the throat my god my precious jesus wow shoot me pls jesus fucking christ help me ive fallen and i cant get up Bokuaka

haikyuu, bokuto's birthday and Akaashi trying to show more emotion !!! HE'S…

Bokuto is just an over enthusiastic puppy in need of belly rubs that will always make you feel loved and appreciated

Kenma playing Mystic Messenger... I'm leaving || Haikyuu ♛

Haikyuu crossover Mystic Messenger <<< i can relate to kenma on so many levels help me

Lev hot

Lev Haiba is a year student from Nekoma High. He is one of the team's middle blockers and is the self-declared ace for the team.

#FUKURODANI ACADEMY .. ace #Bokuta setter #Akaashi

Bokuto (ft boyfriend setter) c; //Bokuto needs his daily passes from Akaashi

Suga >;) J'adore !!! Il l'appelle Papa !!!! Et à la fin il s'en rend compte !! Et suga en rajoute une couche !!

Wouldn't it be better if Sugamama looked at him and said "Good Job, Daddy" and winked. Like my OTP would be sailing so hard then.