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Feel it's roar at the night. It's like you longing for the grave

Werewolf, or a Lycan. Lycanthropy was considered a real disease in ancient times where a bite from a wolf resulted in becoming a monster that would change from a human to a werewolf during the full moon.

damn them werewolves be trippin wishin that they a unicorn like me and i be mongerin dem wishes #wishmonger

(Open rp) I turn into my werewolf form, screaming in pain as doing so. I then howl at the moon

Cockfighter by Kirsi Salonen

werewolf - I'd be pissed too, if I couldn't close my mouth properly!

Eyes_of_the_Night_by_goldenwolf @deviantart.com

A black anthro wolf prowls down a hill of boulders in the moonlight, his eyes shining in the darkness. A large acrylic painting I did to go along with V. Eyes of the Night