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David Goggins quotes and life lessons will change you forever. He has been bullied, beaten, and rejected. But he's the toughest athlete on the planet today.

Yup-love myself & ANYONES opinion is completely irrelevant ❤️

I’m Different, So Fuck Your Opinion, yes I am putting this in the inspirational category.

I know you have a lot of pain Tommy... Use those teeth, grab ahold and keep your eyes opened...

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Running Humor #17: Run for fun? What the hell kind of fun is that?

This is by far my favorite quote on running! Sorry runner friends, but it always makes me laugh.

For me to heed, & yield tenderly, compassionately, & wisely. . . . zackswimsmm.tk

There is no weapon more deadly than the will ie Will to Power snuffs of life giving n rejuvenating energies both without, and within.

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By sharing his advice Dwayne Johnson has become an inspiration to millions of people. Here are the best 25 Dwayne Johnson motivational picture quotes.

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A Little Weight-Loss Advice to Yield Huge Results

Inspirational Quotes about Weight Loss QUOTATION - Image : Quotes Of the day - Description Inspirational weight-loss advice from everyday people on Instagr