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..I love glowingg 8P ______ Musela som nakreslit nieco svietiace tak som nakreslila jeden kus svietiaceho vlcika ...uzasne

46845654 by Ginseng-fox on DeviantArt

Tumblr Sketchdump #4 by on @deviantART

First in a series of tutorials which I& slowly be making in the future. This is to show how to basically construct a snow leopard head from a frontal perspective, more precisely this is how I do .

Basic Deer Tutorial Hope this helps everyone. Deer photo from Skeleton - [link] Basic Deer Tutorial

Study: Deer by CobraVenom on deviantART

anatomicalart: “ Study: Deer by CobraVenom DeviantArt Page Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Submitted by: rainbowbuttcookie ”

MLP Deer - A My Little Pony / Bambi crossover possibly?  Definitely a fresher approach than drawing the Mane 6 as humans.

MLP Deer - A My Little Pony / Bambi crossover! I love mlp and deer this is the best thing ever!