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I love how chuck/god ships destiel and does everything to get them together

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Holy shit. This is so adorable

Holy shit. This is so adorable

Is that really his number ?<<< DO I LOOK LIKE I GIVE A FUCK? IMA CALL IT!! Lets see how many fucks i give... ZEEEERRRRROOOOOOO

Misha makes me smile<< He is totally a normal human bean. <<< he is the best human bean

How supernatural should end//no, supernatural SHOULDNT end, THIS is how it would start.

sorry, I do not ship Destiel. but this is pretty damn funny. it'd also be kind of awesome, just maybe not the dialogue

There should be an episode on this. That be pretty interesting.

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Well he did spend about 40 years fighting through hell to get to Dean. it is inevitable he suffered some injuries.

supernatural humor funny tumblr dying laughing!!!!!

Funny as hell, then MISHA! OMGs, I hurt myself laughing at that last image.<< Jensen used to be a cheerleader too


I was offended too cause I was wearing one of my plaid flannel shirts and my dad looked over at me and said "you're a villain"

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There is nobody I qould have rather spent the last 9 years growing up, fighting ghosts, chasing demons with, than this guy - Jared Padalecki (click through for complete GIF set)

OMG. Jealous Cas is Awesome!

I don't ship Destiel but this just cracked me up! I hate Benny! He'll never be as good a friend as Cas! <<<< I do ship Destiel and don't hate Benny, but this is still freaking hysterical