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Inside shed non slip flooring

Use an old ikea table for the rabbits to play on, they love levels, Inside shed non slip flooring

The making of my own bunny house for my two bunnies Pauline and Paulette.

This little hutch is so cute! I love every single detail, especially the cute little flowers growing!

inside a shed for more floor space?

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If you really can't offer your rabbit free roaming, at least make sure she/he has enough space

Bunnies bordom busters - https://minilopbunnies.wordpress.com/bunny-care/bunny-toys-boredom-busters/

Bunny Toys & Boredom Busters

♥ Pet Rabbit Ideas ♥ Here are my Mini Lop Bunnies and how I keep them occupied. Ensuring your bunnies are occupied and have a lot of stimulation ensures their wellbeing ensuring that your beloved bun is free from unwanted behaviours. New ideas added regul

Bunny Rabbit Hydration Station Made From Scrap Wood - English

Bunny Rabbit Hydration Station Made From Scrap Wood

DIY Bunny Rabbit Hydration Station Made From Scrap Wood - I'd love to make something similar for my chinchillas.

Innengehege - Kaninchenhaltung im Langohrtraumzuhause

Innengehege - Kaninchenhaltung im Langohrtraumzuhause

cheap clean hay feeder - BinkyBunny.com - House Rabbit Information Forum - BinkyBunny.com - BINKYBUNNY FORUMS - DIET & CARE

After having to clean up of the hay that fell out of my Petsmart Hay Wheel, I made a trip to the dollar store and purchased a cheap alternative that proved to be MUCH cleaner and easier for my bunny to get her hay. With the hay wheel she had to .

This is a large 7x5ft rabbit shed with a 8x5ft walk in run.

A large rabbit shed with a apex roof that's made in the UK by Boyle's Pet Housing