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Christianties lies & deceptions: Strange how the Jews adopted some many stories from other cultures!

The similarities go on and on between Horus and Jesus. Face it, the bible authors plagiarized!

I agree. If you had to use IVF, or a test-tube baby, or surrogacy, or if you had to have a C-section when it came time to giving birth - then SCIENCE is who you should be thanking, NOT any god.

How can religious people say a baby is a miracle and a gift from God if they needed infertility treatments? You prayed, God said no. I'm very conflicted when it comes to my infertility and my religion.

Not just atheists, anyone sick of Christians using the Bible to justify their own self-righteousness.

I'm doing this with color-coded tabs so when my family persists to talk Jesus with me, I'll have my ammo.

Is god handing out "tender mercies" while allowing children to starve to death? LDS no more.

Don't thank god for the good things if you don't blame him for the bad things. He's responsible for all or nothing.

I won't go as far as to say that god isn't real, I have my own beliefs, but yeah respect everyone who are not religious or is religious.

And I propose because no one points these obvious popular religious trends out to students. Kids are then blinded by the current mainstream religion.