Evanna Lynch really is Luna, and you can tell.

Evanna Lynch really is Luna, and you can tell.<<<< she snuck over from the wizarding world to play herself

For some reason I've always loved Luna and Evanna Lynch! :)

I love Luna. Many people hunk she is aloof and weird but she really feels deeply about things. She is sad, but she always makes everyone else feel better instead of discussing her own problems. She won't let the bad out rule the good in her life:)

When I first saw this picture I found it really inspiring. It teaches people to fight through it if they have a life-threatening disease+I love Harry Potter so I had to post this

Who Took This Picture, Dracula?

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I'm guessing Luna didn't get the "dark clothes" memo...

I seriously laughed out loud on this and I am not sure why. "Let's play a hard game called.FIND LUNA" only potter heads would get this!

I've always seen Luna Lovegood as absolutely perfect. Am I alone in this thought process?

I love the moment in the deathly hallows when Luna yells "Harry Potter you listen to me right now! I love her so much!