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19 Tumblr Posts You Won't Understand If You Haven't Read The "Harry Potter" Books

19 Tumblr Posts That Prove The "Harry Potter" Books Are Way Better Than The Movies

These books have dark themes. But that’s part of why they’re wonderful.

Harry Potter characters playing Fuck, Marry, Kill

My favorite thing about this is that the Slytherins and Gryffindors are just hanging out drinking together fuck marry kill

"wait, YOU DID THIS"

The Marauders and baby Harry This kinda made me sad because it starts with Harry at age This could have happened if not for Voldemort. And then Remus is in the corner with Lily reading a book and trying not to be too amused with the scene

another thing about the books that is soo much better than the movies

By 7 years older than Harry they mean that when Harry started Hogwarts Tonks had just graduated.

Over that the house stereotypes aren't accepted by everyone, but this is adorable :D. (also, 'while everyone was dying was the only ones who protected them' um why do you think they were dying???)

Slytherins protecting first years from other houses (during the final battle). The ONLY way I will ever accept the Slytherin house not fighting.

Voldemort and the year Snape teached Harry my incapability of loving and smelling!

As a muggle born, I guarantee this would happen.

As a muggle born, I guarantee this would happen

Well the Patronus info on Pottermore said that extinct animals were rare but not unheard of sooo. >> omg I want a velociraptor patronus!

I like this but I really couldn't see Draco as a Gryffindor. Like, Ravenclaw definitely, but Gryffindor? No :/

YASS and they can compete for Hermione and HARRY realises he loves Ginny and Ron realises he loves Alicia Spinnet and Dramione happens and they have daughters Katie Ariana, Lavender Celeste, Jade Minerva<<<You really thought that out, didn't you?