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Advantages to dating an asexual>> basically a super-friend tho

Gay Shakespeare - goodness I wish my mom was like this<< funny thing is, Shakespeare was the gay Shakespeare

Some people think Shakespeare really was gay or bi, watch Doctor Who the Shakespeare code. Also beat mom ever lol // not just Shakespeare but also hamilton, and actually a lot of the soldiers in the revolution were peob gey

THIS! thank you thank you thank you. I don't need someone to complete me, I'm whole on my own.

I don't need someone to complete me, I'm whole on my own.<< I'm not aro\ace but they do matter and deserve to be treated better

One time, my friend was talking to me about how she had a date and she said "but I'm nervous, I haven't had sex in a year" and I just said (as the confused asexual) "um... I'm sure you'll do fine"

I understand the world is a sexually-based place, but really? Does it happen often to everyone outside of ace? Normally I just go around reading peoples' shirts.

TyLeR I love you!!

Thomas C. Bedford on

all of this and as a side note, elderly lesbians sound amazing. <<Ahhh tyler oakley is great

The only problem I have w/ post like this is fetuses don't have genders, just genitalia and transboys don't transition to boys. They are boys. Transitioning is just basically convincing others you are who you are and becoming more comfortable in your own skin. Edit: We are NOT all trans. Trans means that your gender doesn't align with the gender assigned to you at birth. So no comments about cis folks being trans too and no transphobic shit. Thanks.

If a fuckboy tells you that you can't just become a boy, tell him that all fetuses start out as females and they transition from female to male and so can you!

oh yesss. you don't say someone single is asexual, so why'd you say a bi dating someone of the opposite gender is straight?

If you are single and not ready to mingle then your on standbi

have fun figuring out which one... http://ibeebz.com

I'm not gay, but support gays. And I want to put dozens of geese in somebody's bedroom<<<I want to put geese in someone's house to. I also do support gays.

Hahahahhaa this seems accurate enough!

Pan for me, but also asexual. I almost never want sex, and would be perfectly happy with someone our whole lives while never having sex of any kind.<<< We would be great friends I'm asexual and pan or bisexual I'm still deciding on that part

The day I find someone who's decent, good with kids, and doesn't mind that I'm not a sexual person will be the day I win the damn lottery.  (And it often feels like winning the lottery is more realistic.)

not believing anyone will accept non-sexual touch, non-rough sex. ie treat her like a real, sensitive person, is the core of her sexual/romantic problems

Oh, and the part in Romeo & Juliette (A rose, by any other name, would smell as sweet? etc..) is actually a dig at a theater just down the street from the Globe called the Rose. The Rose theater was built on/very near a garbage dump/sewer and therefore smelled the opposite of sweet. you're welcome ;)

Shakespeare was all dick jokes, honestly, this was entertainment for the masses.

Beautifully put. Hahahaha! I want to meet this guy.

*Oliver Sykes's voice* YEAH THAT'S THE SPIRIT! (what's great is that I was listening to BMTH while reading this lmao) Literally, That's The Spirit album though.