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idk if theyll ever get married but annabelle would definitely make fun of zane and zane would just look into the camera like B|

Sanha and Miyeon while dating

Latvia would be person B and Estonia would be person A so cute i'm dying. Someone shoot me.<<This was a sene in OHSHC. Haruhi is scared of lightning and Karou has o do this to help her calm down

Aspen and Caspian

Solangelo-will would be the loud idiot phan- Dan of course the loud one Cresswell- throne any day Percabeth-.

Imagine your otp

Imagine your otp<<Oikawa and Iwaizumi, Kageyama and Hinata, there is an endless list


Erwin would do the singing, Levi would do the smothering. America would sing, Norway would smother.

Knowing exactly who this person is in your OTP:

23 Tumblr Posts About OTPs That Are Accurate AF

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