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Last night my friend asked what my ideal husband would look like and I was like "long-ish hair, tattoos, lip or nose piercing, green eyes, and has to be funny and/or sarcastic" I later on realized I just described Frank.or a punk rock Percy Jackson Mehr

Frank Iero, professional screamer. Like in Leathermouth. Screams. Fun. Yay. I'm tired -Sam//

Bullets era in a Metallica tee, god how I wish we could turn back time

Sinful Band Pictures - Frank Iero #7 - Page 3 - Wattpad

Sinful Band Pictures - Frank Iero #7

Sinful Band Pictures - Frank Iero #7 - Page 3 - Wattpad

That smile omg yowza

Oh fuck I love this picture, it's from the video 'joyriding' Frank iero smile

My Chemical Romance ~ Gerard Way and Frank Iero<<<< Im so happy Gerard is sober!


My chemical romance funny. Honey this golf cart isn't big enough for the five of us

♥ cuz we got the bomb, we got the bomb, let's go ♥

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