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ambience and color

Beautiful crystal chandeliers with hints of rustic, black and gray, gold gilded mirrors, metallic finishes. Love the color scheme.

A splash of color.

Grab your sunglasses, because today we’re visiting a summer color. Summer makes me think of key lime pie. And yes I know key limes are yellow. But it tastes like lime and lime is … you know, the color lime … So c’mon … Continue reading →

Spain Photography - Luxurious Chandelier Gaudi Barcelona, Spain, Bedroom Art, Chandelier, spanish decor, sparkle

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“Everyone's life is a fairy tale written by God's fingers” (Hans Christian Andersen)

The Chandelier in the master bedroom  CAPTAIN HOOK! JOLLY ROGER! SOOO MANY FEELS>>>>

Dream laundry room Pirate ship chandelier house decor design this is my dream home Fancy - Dream house

The new Anthropologie chandeliers are killing me.   I want one of each, please.

The Art Of Arrangement: Behind the Scenes with our Catalog Stylist


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Caireles con hierro

Shabby Chic Ireland: Romantic Shabby Chic - Bedroom furniture Vintage 3 drawer shabby chic cupbard by Vintagewhitecottage lovely living room.


What is not to love, the sparkle, the dreams, the wonder but most of all the fairy lights that the prism of colors that come from a glowing chandlier.

Coco-Chanel-Paris-Apartment-Images - coco 31 rue cambon photos.jpeg

Stylish homes: Coco Chanel's houses in Paris and the south of France

Coco Chanel’s apartment is one of those apartment you hear so much about. Located at 31 rue Cambon in Paris, this place .