Gun Gale Online Sinon and Kirito

Umm so this is adorable. SAO : Kirito vs Sinon by *GreenTeaNeko on deviantART

This is the first genderswap that I actually like. I think it actually... well, works!

sword art online gender swap-I have to admit this is pretty good

Kirito - The Black Swordsman by JustTomTom on deviantART

I decided to revisit an older design where the power symbol is used to represent the skills of the character. In this case, Kirito’s unique dual-w. Kirito - The Black Swordsman

Okay first girl's like 8 and don't get me started on Sachi, we will be here for hours.

Sword Art Online-he is alwsy surrounded by girls asuna doesnt say anything!

Asuna - The Lightning Flash by JustTomTom on deviantART

Second in the SAO poster series I’m designing comes Asuna, The Lightning Flash and her agile speed being portrayed within the power symbol by usin. Asuna - The Lightning Flash

SAO FA - screw up? by GreenTeaNeko on DeviantArt

Sword Art Online episode 7 fanart hope you will like it. SAO badges : [link] [link] SAO FA - screw up?

Anime sword art online

Anime sword art online

Like I'll be watching Blue Exorcist and my mom walks in at a really awkward time