Marceline, Princess Bubblegum, Marshall Lee, and Prince Gumball

I ship Marshall lee with prince gumball but also with Fiona I hate when ships class >.> but bubbline is perfection

Gumlee~ in bath <3

request: What does leo do when he has a nightmare?s your my favorite artist Nightmare

t request 6 by Sounf on DeviantArt

Marshall is very jealous aww this is soo cuute~💕Gumball x Marshall by Sounf on DeviantArt❤️

Floating in Your Arms by JotakuFAN

Secretly in Love (A Marshall lee and Prince Gumball Fanfic) (Boyxboy) - Chapter 1000

"I also had an idea where they share their first kiss in their preteens but wasn't sure about it, thought it'd be sort of sweet and embarrassing for the two" maybe like this ? the second request fr...

After a while, Marshall snickered and pulled Gumball into a tight sweet embrace. One of his hand took a hold of Gummy& chin and lifted it so he could see and then kiss does sweet sweet pink lip he.

Imagens Yaoi   - Especial 1K #wattpad #no-fico

Imagens Yaoi - Especial 1K