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Mysteryfilm, ElArtistaMexicano and FluffieKittyFluff suggested me to draw septiplier   I personaly don't ship it but WHO CARES! xD I though it be funny to put Pewds here ( cuz when Mark and Ja...

cookies or coffiee by IvaTheHuman on DeviantArt// Wait is there an actual button with Mark's name on it in case Jack gets that question?

Being god like a boss

God Vs. Notch

i can too oh circles. notch is awesome circles are not needed in minecraft. But God told notch!

Dantdm live stream (youtube)

Hey Dan uhh idk what to say right now but one day we will be making atomic bubble tea you should try it because whenever you do would you rather you should drink it (it is super sour!

Every REAL Fan Did

I actually hugged my phone when I saw this. Rest In Peace Peggy.