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Nose Art B-29 Thumper

Boeing Superfortress “THUMPER”, of the Bombardment Group. It was the first to return home to the US after completing 40 missions, and went on a bond-selling tour. The small Japanese.


named in honor of her home base, Burnet, Texas, the Bluebonnet Capital of Texas. Still flying as part of the Highland Lakes Squadron of the Commemorative Air Force.

Google Image Result for http://www.air-and-space.com/20040516%2520Chino/Dsc_0371%2520B-25J%2520Mitchell,%2520NL9117Z%2520In%2520The%2520Mood%2520left%2520side%2520nose%2520art%2520l.jpg

Anyone got info or images of airplane nose art? I'm highly interested in this subject, so feel free to post any images or info you can scrounge up!