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Very hungry Monster

God i dont even know myself if he's still the same person i know

Suga vs Augst D all Yoongi

Oh my god, this...is me << i didn't even have to watch that many bangtan bomb.... i literally just had to open instagram

Oh my god. I just wanted to know their names to be able to relate to my friend but weeks later, I know freaking everything about them!

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The alien has manipulated a cookie into a cookie with a mustache

.... namjoon's shirt


Rapmonster - You got no jams

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Brain Monster, they said.

I like the right one best :'( :'( <3<3<3

2 pics of the same person taken 2 seconds apart. Why is my favorite so strange all the time? He is supposed to be the bands visual. <<< That's why we love him

WHAT VIDEO IS THIS I GOTTA KNOW like I have seen this scene in a BTS funny video but never the whole thing

What Kpop song should you listen to next? Boy band version

that has a nice face

Reaction sexy joyeuse triste et plein d'autre #romanpouradolescents # Roman pour adolescents # amreading # books # wattpad

Réactions/Imagines BTS

He is literally eye fucking the camera

I really used to do this. Lmao

i love this post. i love this pose. i love hope.