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Design your own cup. This is a good idea for a final days project. Amazingly Detailed Coffee Cup Art Sold for Charity

Heavy Metal Bassist/nNew way to discover Dribbble shots - Shot Bucket: https://itunes.apple.com/ua/app/id991758147

Heavy Metal Bassist

These kind of gif I find really funny and rememberable which I want for my campaign. I like the motion of zooming in and out. However I think a photo based GIF would be better to link to my themes.

Fringe - started watching this again on Netflix since I quit watching...forgot how good this show was!

Fringe Flower Glyph In the Fringe Flower glyph some of the petals are dragonfly wings. Like any daisy, the center has counter-rotating spirals, based on the Fibonacci sequence, and has left-right.

Fringe: Olivia Dunham. Wins my personal award for Best Voice. If only she would read me a story...

Fringe: Olivia Dunham is one of the best female leads I have ever seen and I adore her

Fringe--amazing show. ..Note the equations in Anna's Torv's hair!

Olivia Dunham played by Anna Torv Fringe Director Creator JJ Abrams with an amazing cast Peter Bishop - Joshua Jackson, Dr Walter Bishop - John Noble and Astrid - Jasika Nicole.

Another 'Walter-ism' I made after re-capping on last season. Walter Bishop in Fringe.

This snippet perfectly sums up his sweet, goofy character.