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Mondo Mango :: House Problems | Tapas Comics - image 1

We don't believe in mythical creatures called Plumbers 😂 Mango :: House Problems

40: Tapas School - image

Need an interesting comic? I suggest tapas. This is a comic about tapas writers going to school btw, it looks cute.

Illustrator and Graphic Novelist

Illustrator and Graphic Novelist

Mondo Mango :: Pronunciation | Tapas Comics - image 1

I say u r l and I say jif but I use gif and jif interchangeably depending on who I'm with and how they say it

Costs An Arm

26 Hilarious Comics That Show What It’s Like Having A Zombie Girlfriend And Monster Friends

Artist Emi MG is creating whimsical zombie comics, placing them in everyday situations

Gamer Girl Pinups :: Comic Shorts | Tapastic Comics - image 1

READER POLL: What's the best Lara Croft outfit?we are aware that there are pant outfits in earlier versions of the game, but it was funny.

Mondo Mango :: Manjestic | Tapastic Comics - image 1

I put my guy friends hair in little pigtails, but I leave a bit of their hair loose and I swear it works every time on any of them