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Joel-Peter Witkin  Las Meninas (Self portrait) 1987   Toned gelatin-silver print  84 x 84 cm    Based on Velazquez’s famous painting of the same title.    Here is a good read about Velazquez’s Las Menias by Mark Harden.  After that there’s this interesting article comparing the two pieces by Evi Papadopoulou on Interartive.

hideous beauty & grotesque realism by Joel-Peter Witkin *** Las Meninas , 1987 Woman with Severed Head , 1982 Woman once a Bird ,

Joel-Peter Witkin: Songs of Experience, Limited Edition, and Songs of Innocence, Limited Edition (with platinum prints) , Joel-Peter WITKIN, BLAKE, William - Rare & Contemporary Photography Books - Vincent Borrelli, Bookseller

Joel-Peter Witkin: Songs of Experience & Innocence with platinum prints LTd Edition Photography Books ref.

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guns-gas-trenches: “ Radiology Nurse Technician in protective gear WWI France 1918 ” Not a gas mask, but PPE is PPE.

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JOEL-PETER-WITKIN-FACE-OF-A-WOMAN-2004-865x577.jpg (865×577)

Death, Corpses, Outsider Subjects: Joel-Peter Witkin Photography Leaves a Bitter Taste in Mouth