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Sad Love Quotes : QUOTATION – Image : Quotes Of the day – Life Quote She thinks that when i say she is beautiful, i mean how she looks when actually i mean who she is.

Yup Humble urself

There's two things I judge harshly on. The inability for one to admit when they are wrong, and lack of courage to say I'm sorry. That tells me all I need to know. Because we are all wrong at some point. But not all of us are sorry.

I hope so. I hope they love my words. My sentiment. My sincerity. I hope they find inspiration to live a life of passion, love and joy.

Evolving is natural, painful yet truly incredible. I look back at where I used to be and I'm in awe at where I am today. Ive granted myself permission to continually keep growing into the person I'm meant to be.

Some thought she slipped into madness for the way she changed. She thought it was madness to live the life she once did.


Most people they only know themselves. So, what does it matter what they think of you.

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"And what you'll never know is the war I fought, with myself, to not give up on you. But even if you did, I'm certain you wouldn't understand it, because that's what it is like inside when heart and mind are enemies: war. And one has to lose.

That piece will remain yours

A part of her heart that is off limits.It was an unbelievable hurt that she was sure would kill her. You must know she will never bargain that piece agaib.


"Let these things bring fire to your soul, so when you look back at your life, you'll have no regrets and you can leave this place a little better than when you found it.

If i said anything to you, you would not stay....but there are SO MANY things I want to say to you!!

I have a thousand things to say to you, and a thousand reasons not to. (mainly because they won't be heard, nor is it worth the energy)