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Soft koala, warm koala little ball of fur. Happy koala sleepy koala insert whatever sound they make here times three.

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KOALA Mom and Baby Phascolarctos cinereus ©Cameron Richardson / Rex Features Boonda the six-month-old baby koala makes his public debut with his mother, Elle, in their enclosure at Sydney Wildlife World The scientific name of the koala’s genus,.

She is mine! - Imgur

She is mine!

A baby koala hangs on to a worker's foot at the koala hospital in Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia, After Ironman 2013 I want to have this little Koala as my finisher medal;-) so cute

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"Mom,mom,mom ma ma ma, hey mama hey don't fall asleep, I want to explore more.moooommmm" I always wanted a Koala bear!

Precioso koala

“Phew, it really is hard work being this adorable”. We couldn’t help but have an “ahhhh” moment when we saw this photo of Archer the Koala joey from Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney. He is pictured here taking a break from chasing his koala friend “Ari

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Yawning koala bear by National Media Museum Fox Photos Collection of National Media Museum This photograph is from the Daily Herald Archive, held at the National Media Museum. It is a collection of over three million press photographs, dating from

A koala in a eucalyptu tree in Australia

Just five days to spend in Australia? That's plenty of time to go walkabout..

Without the water needed to feed the Eucalyptus trees the koalas have no food or a habitat

Cute koala joey Louise drops from her tree into a chicken coop during the storms | Daily Telegraph

Cute koala joey Louise drops from her tree into a chicken coop during the storms


Here is a happy otter for you board. One day, you will be as happy as this otter.look at that cute smile c:

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Piggie: We're on a mission here. Piggie: First we'll take a mud bath for camouflage then we'll invade the cornfield for our feast! Piggie: Then Big Bad Wolf, you're next!

This is the tiniest #koala we've ever seen! - Ordering up some cuteness at @rainforestation in @tropicalqueesland - Photo by @mandji #cute #cutekoala #tiny #animal #nature #wildlife #beautiful #encounter #travel #explore #discover #seeaustralia

"I'd like a handful of koala please" - Ordering up some cuteness at in Set on 100 acres of World Heritage Rainforest, this unique nature park is situated five minutes from - a picturesque village on Cairns' Tablelands.