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I am pretty sure that is exactly how it happened<<< he's technically a Herondale you know wills sister married a lightwood

Oh my goodness. Or he could have thought that Alec was a Lightworm (totally calling them that from now on XD) because Cecily looked like Will and married Gabriel, but yeah, Jace the sarcastic asshole<<<<totally agree. But OMG I love Magnus

The mortal instruments

haven't gotten here yet, but this scene sounds hilarious<<<< I haven't gotten here either I'm on city of fallen Angels, but I'm really curios about what's happening.


I'm waiting for ♥

"A DEMON POX ON ALL YOUR HOUSES!"<<<<< this was like the best part of the book!!!

For those who don't know - Demon pox is a disease one acquires by sexual relations with a demon. Symptoms of this std include overtime turning into a demon : A bloody serpent like thing. Eg: lightworms. First one to know it existed : will herondale