Monkey marionette, Arthur Wilkinson, 1920s.

Marionette of a monkey, Marino's companion, from the Gair Wilkinson Troupe, carved and painted wood, British.

How to make a wooden rope-climbing monkey toy

How to make a wooden rope-climbing monkey toy -- Can this be adapted to a clay jester. or any medieval figure?

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hajandrade: “ Lindsey Carr ~ La Bizarre Singerie Singerie is a French word meaning ‘Monkey Trick’ and refers to a genre depicting monkeys mimicking human behavior - it reached its stylistic epitome.

Monkey Stencil for Jungle Mural on Baby Nursery Walls

Monkey Stencil 2

- monkey wall stencil for jungle theme wall mural - measures x - self-adhesive wall stencil - just stick and paint - 1 individual stencil from the Wild Jungle Safari Mural Stencil Kit Ful

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๑ Nineteen Fourteen ๑ historical happenings, fashion, art style from a century ago - Rare Early German Pull-Toy Monkey by


Monkeys are considered intelligent animals. Here is a superb collection of funny monkey pictures.