Eleonor Boström ·

Eleonor Boström is a ceramicist and illustrator splitting her time between Stockholm and San Francisco, who creates the the cheekiest sculptural utility goods in the form of adorable creatures.

Madre y niño, plantador de cerámica, plantador de cerámica, pote, hecho a la medida

Ceramic planter, Pottery planter, Pot, Mother and child, Made to order

If you know me, you'll know I'm notorious for my inability to keep plants alive. Yes, I've managed to take down even the lowest maintenance of living greens (ahem, cacti). Over watering, under watering, not enough sun, too much sun . . . it's hard staying green! But after many failed attempts and

How To Create An Indoor Garden

Little porcelain planters, pair of 2 pinch pots slip-carved in black and white Seascape and Snowstorm motifs.

modern ceramic hanging planter

A few months back, you might remember my reports (here and here) from ceramics class. One of my favorite by-products of my learning process is this planter. This weekend, I finally got around to filling it with succulents from other

Moon to Moon: Full Moon Give Away... Atelier Stella Ceramics

Love the succulent and the pot! - beautiful hand-made tiny planters from the talented creative London based Stella Bagott