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Hand Study 001, Zsofia Gyuker

very detailed and interesting drawing which carefully shows depth and tones through the use of light and dark areas. interesting how strong the drawing is when pared with a simple outlined background

Game Of Hands on Behance

The artist's left hand, in fact only his left one because when observed in mirror it becomes his right one, while his right one holds the pencil.Drawings of hands done in a classical manner and anatomically studied. Depictions of hands in various positio…

kim ji-hoon art | Kim Ji-Hoon's Rendered Realism

Kim Ji-Hoon's Rendered Realism

These realistic pencil renderings from an artist by the name of Kim Ji-Hoon are seriously blowing my mind right now. I don't even think my ey.

TONS of hands drawn in different positions. I feel like doing this would be a great learning experience

I had used these hand sketches to help develop my ability to draw and create hands in my art work and sketches these were just references

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Eye Study by *DarkKenjie on deviantART https://www.facebook.com/CharacterDesignReferences

Just a short 1 hour study of the human eye in front, soft hard and side views. The teacher made us do it in a pen and cross hatching technic which I never had done and kind of avoide.