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When life gave you lemons

When life gave you lemons

Life is hard.For those days you need a reminder that it could be worse. The wine bottle happened to me!

These are hilarious... Except for the last one. The last is kinda gruesome. But still hilarious

These are hilarious. The last is kinda gruesome. But still hilarious >> but it's so PERFECTLY TIMED.

kid's letters! :) I laughed out loud at more than a few of these

Kids might be a lot smarter (or not) than we think, and these weird letters / notes prove it.

Obvious Signs are Obvious<dang I'm in risk of throats cancer because I have a throats AND mouth

Obvious Signs are Obvious

The lawnmower one isn't funny. That happened to a good friend of mine when she was a little girl, and she's lived with prosthetic legs since then. So don't laugh at that, please because she is such a happy energetic girl that it would break my heart.

I totally disagree with comments above these pics! Ketchup and oreo pics - those are called innovations. I can eat any type of food the way I want. Pear is eaten from the top...because the top is also edible (and tasty). Just like what? Are these food's rights?

22 People Who Can't Be Trusted Under Any Circumstances

22 People Who Can't Be Trusted Under Any Circumstances>>this hurt so badly

So true!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAH!!! @Kristin Lawson @Jill Batton

I never get tired of this joke

Appropriate Teen Derp Me and My Friends In a Car - Clean Appropriate Humor, Jokes, Memes

Why Do I Hear People Talking ?

Next time the teacher asks you why do I hear people talking because you have ears! so true