Jason got a purple unicorn.

Hm, I would've given: Leo: Yellow dragon pillow pet Percy: panda Annabeth: owl, Nico: bat Hazel: ladybug Frank: bear Jason: unicor, a purple unicorn

ask the demigods | Ask the Demigods lol

EAT ALL THE BLUE FOOD! IT'S PERCY DAY! I made some blue cookies and am drinking blue gatorade and am wearing my camp halfblood t shirt.<<< fun i ate Blue pancakes and blue lemonade!

Bawhahaha If someone waved a kit kat in my face o would attack them too tbh

Percy: *kicks Jason in the face and lunges for the lettuce* I can only imagine the look on Sally's face if Percy came home after that and the first thing he asked for lunch was a salad. also, percy acts like every guinea pig ever.

Your Zombie Apocalypse Team...my team wont last long

I'm feeling pretty good about my zombie team.Walter White, Jennifer Lawrence, and Wolverine 😉

I would choose Athena

Literally sat here laughing insanely for 5 minutes before I could pull it together and pin this! I would totally have Apollo as my father but id choose Posiedon.