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Everything except for eomma Jin and appa Joon. Instead of eomma I just use Mama or Mommy and I don't even know what Appa Joon is so Father Namjoon is here to stay.

Oml.!! Innocent soul kookie!.

No they shouldn't be talking about this in front of kookie. Don't you dare talk about nonsense in front of kookie!

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When BTS acts weird...

Lol guys V is pointing his middle finger in the second pic lmao that's ma boy

I be like, everyone sit down!

and it happened during a crowded lecture room, the lecture wanted someone to answer and said looking at me 'that girl looking up at the ceiling' and my inner voice was like 'fuck' XD <<< XDD

13.8k Likes, 81 Comments - d-8 (@hobiwyd) on Instagram: “my mom said to go sleep but im not tired so hi -rome #iheartawards #bestboyband #bts…”

13.8k Likes, 81 Comments - d-8 (@hobiwyd) on Instagram: “my mom said to go sleep but im not tired so hi -rome #iheartawards #bestboyband #bts…”

But that's the thing. That is Taehyung being normal

I only paid attention to Jimin sitting on jungkook' lap


🎶Jeon is an average kid that no one understands, mom and dad and jiminie always giving him commands, doom and gloom up in his room is broken instantly by his magic little fish who grant him every wish cause in reality.

Okayyy but I'm 99.99% sure i will cry when Yoongi's mixtape comes out

Suga's speaking voice literally melts my X chromosomes. but namjoons face tho



When he came to Myanmar 16 June I still can't look at fancams from that day. Still miss him like crazy :'( BTS

Yeah I think sleep schedule is definitely a major one money is not as big of a problem because my parents don't let me buy much anyway hahahaha *internal screaming* lol

Why do they all have awkward smiles tho (except for Hobi and Suga) Hahaha—-omg namjoons face ahaha

Repin & Like. Listen to Noelito Flow #Noel Music…