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Glorious Sunrises Across the World That You Should Watch At least Once in Your Lifetime

Sunrises Across The World That You Should Watch At Least Once In Your Lifetime

These are 14 places to watch beautiful sunrise across the World. Top 10 Places to watch sunrises across the world.

Sunrise on the shore of Lake Michigan. Wisconsin Horizons By Phil Koch. phil-koch.artistwebsites.com Fotoğrafçılık http://turkrazzi.com/ppost/158611218110457915/

The red sunlight symbolizes the mass amounts of blood spilled during the war. It is not clear what war Poe is referring too, however at the time of the writing of this poem both the war of 1812 and the wars of Spanish American independence were under way.


So peaceful seeing the sun setting & sitting out on this Beautiful pier enjoying the Beautiful water & Beautiful sunset!


artofvizuals: “ x Lately I’ve been catching crazy clouds at sundown. The drastic temperature swings have created great sunsets and sunrises.