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You don't have to be Nordic to knit Nordic !: Dewy morning

The mist hangs heavy this morning. Tis spider season and I almost walked into this web on the way to feed Sherman and DC. Spiders on dewy we.



ВСЕМИРНАЯ БИСКОРНЮ - WHOLE WORLD BISCORNU: Норвежская бискорню от Антонины (lovebiser) - Norwegian biscornu from Antonina (lovebiser)

Norwegian biscornu from Antonina (lovebiser). [You could adapt this chart to Hardanger if you convert the floral motifs to satin stitch and even do a pulled four-sided stitch for the diagonals --- (NCS)]

RobyGiup handmade: Fiocchi di neve - Snowflakes

Come promesso nel post precedente, oggi fiocchi di neve gratis per tutti! As promised in the previous post, today free skowflakes for every.