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Not mine but kawaii af

Not mine but kawaii af

Arceuz by nuclear-smash.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

So, how the idea of this one came out; My friend showed me the Arceus event in HeartGold/SoulSilver, which looked super cool and all, but she said "What.

Can't stop laughing - 9GAG

Can't stop laughing

Instinct XD I love when the teams get along instead of some petty Mystic/Valor "Im better than you" arguement

This is sad, but also so adorable and sweet. He found a home after all. Not sure how to feel, but it's bitter sweet with a bit more sweet?

Okay, well I didn't need this today. You know dispite not being a fan of pokemon, I find that I wind up saving a lot of their pins due to either being hilarious or heartbreaking.

So..i bet this is pokemon...never really watched it tho...But dang son. MYANUS?!

Another cute Pokemon Go comic.I'm not even team Instinct but I freaking love Spark!

Best Surfacage Comics Cameo Ever!!!!!

Honestly, who would make something like that? Instead of a charger, try making pikachu a keychain light.