my FAVORITE part of this movie!! "From the windows, from the windows, to the walls, to the walls"

This is my favorite scene in the whole entire world! the Proposal = Love Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock.

Ross and Rachel

Rachel: Okay? What if I was the president? Ross: Well, then, we'd be in a lot of trouble. You don't know where any countries are.

Phoebe, I'm sorry, but I think Jacques Cousteau is dead.

Monica and Chandler are Living Together! --- Ross married Rachel in Vegas and got divorced AGAIN! --- I Love Jacques Cousteau! --- I wasn't supposed to put beef in the trifle? --- I WANNA GOOO!

Love this movie  and this is so me with my bf lol. All his clothes are way comfier

the vow quotes,amazing 17 pictures from movie the vow quotes Director: Michael Sucsy Stars: Rachel McAdams, Channing Tatum, Sam Neill I'm trying to help you!

You know how the bride makes her entrance and everybody turns to look at her? That’s when I look at the groom. Cause his face says it all you know? The pure love there. - 27 Dresses

I want a picture of my man when I walk in. Thank you, 27 Dresses, I will never go to a wedding again without looking at the groom first.