Utforsk disse og flere idéer!

Monica's hair goes cray cray
Pasó el tiempo los fines de semana con mi familia y juego con mis amigos.
Friends Things We Remember
ah salmon skin roll ;)
Our 7 Favorite Friends Episodes Of All Time
Friends (1994–2004) | 13 Final Lines Of TV Shows That Will Make You Tear Up | The Quote: Rachel: “OK, should we get some coffee?” Chandler: “Sure. Where?” Why It’s Perfect: It had to have been a tough call to decide whether the final scene of Friends should be in the apartment or in Central Perk, so it’s wonderful that the gang’s hangout got an indirect shout-out in the final lines. We also got one last serving of Chandler’s trademark sarcasm, and we couldn’t think of a better way to ease…
Friends #109 - "LONDON BABY!"
Drunken Ross
Friends Things We Remember