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One of my most favorite scenes!

I love this Friends scene and loved it even more when I realized it was Sasha Alexander making a guest appearance!

Little Ross

Is there a moment in ''Friends'' that you can recite line to line? Maybe a moment in ''Friends'' that you hold very dear to your heart?

Poor Pheobe...but hilarious at the same time! I love FRIENDS :)

Joey: And you know the deal on Santa Claus, right? Phoebe: You mean. Joey: That he doesn't exist. Phoebe: Right. Friends TV show quotes Read More Funny


So, you're playing a little Playstation, huh? Playstation is whack! 'Sup with the whack Playstation, 'sup?


Harmonica is hammered. This was one of my favorite episodes when they all turned This part with Monica drunk was so funny!"Mom and Dad, your little HARMOMICA IS HAMMERED! This was so funny!